Fenders & Covers

Fenders & Covers

Charcoal Fender

Manufactured using tough, UV resistant PVC, they are attractively finished a Charcoal Graphite.

  • Product Code: SEE BELOW
  • Brand: Wilco

Sizes range 5" to 7"

Boat length 6 to 8m is a recommendation only, as a guide. Fender length should be equal to three-quarters of the boat's freeboard

Product Code Title Colour Size
FESF0512 Hutchwilco 12 x 45cm Charcoal (5"x18")
FESF0515 Hutchwilco 15 x 58cm Charcoal (6"x23")
FESF0518 Hutchwilco 18 x 60cm Charcoal (7"x24")

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